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New 4000mah power bank wholesale

 投稿者:Janejia  投稿日:2014年 2月18日(火)18時59分3秒

This   P68  power bank comes with 4000mah capacity with li-polymer battery as   well as high-end champagne color。Beside this, this P68 4000mah power bank is also famous for its 11mm thinness,   it weights 118g  and it is much ligher than those of li-ion power   bank.Today, lets review the  specifications and features of this 4000mah power bank:

              4000mah power bank

              Specifications of this 4000mah power bank  P68:

        Battery  type:li-polymer battery

        Output:DC 5V/1A

        Input:DC 5V/1A


        Net weight:118g

        Charging time:5H

        Features of P68 power bank:

        Ultra-slim 11mm  thinness

        4 level power  indicators

        Intelligent  management output

        Multiple protection  circuits

        High efficiency up  to 90%

        High-end alloy  shell


In a conclusion,  this 4000mah power  bank is portable,fashionable, enjoyable.The intelligent output and multiple    management output make P68 safe and stable than other power   banks.Welcome to  inquire about this 4000mah power bank P68 or wholesale   this power bank from  us.Welcome to visit szfeifan.com e-shop.</p


How to Choose An Excellent Power Bank

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年11月20日(水)17時55分1秒

There are thousands of power banks on the market, which often confuses  the consumers. Some people want to make a big difference with others in  appearance or structure while the others go after  the price or the capacity of portable power bank, it is attractive for  consumers to face a lot of portable power bank with high capacity and lower price, but  some people are still worry about the quality of product, how to choose an  excellent power bank?

power bank

  1, Composition

  The mobile power  bank consists of three parts: the cell, the appearance, the circuit.

  The cell is a key feature  to a portable power bank, the power bank in the market now often use 18650 or some  indipendent cells.

  The cell decides  the quality of power bank

  The circuit board  consist of many chips and has the functions of enlargering or shrinking  voltage.

  The appearance  acts as protection as well as cooling.

  2: Cells

  Every li-ion  battery has cell, the cell decides the quality of battery and power bank.

  The cells have two  sorts: the li-ion cell and the li-polymer cell.

  To a power bank or  a mobile, Li-polymer power bank has high capacity and is safer than li-ion power  bank, which is the consumer’s first choice, but li-polymer cell often comes  with high price and lower cost performance.

  3, Circuit

  The control  circuit of power bank consists of the following parts:

  Li-ion battery  manage chip, monitoring the total process of charging.

  2.MCU:The  intelligent protection circuit in PCB, offering charing protection,dischargingprotection,  termerature protection, overcharge protection,etc, which avoids some unstable  cases that demage your mobiles.

  3,Voltage control  chip, change 3.7V battery voltage into 5V output voltage.

  Now it is possible  that one chip assemble the above three functions.

  4, Shell

  There are two  kinds of shells of power bank: the metal shell and plastic shell,the metal  shell often means aluminium alloy shell.

  Beside the  functions of decoration, the shell of power bank also acts as cooling and  protection.

  The heat squeeze , puncture may exposion,  it is necessory for a portable power bank to have a firm shell, metal shell has  more advantages in some special cases including a fire.

  5, Purchase

  To people who have  a certain knowledge of power bank, we suggest him/her buy power bank of 18650  li-ion cells , for it is quality with aluminium alloy shell,although it is a  bit heavy and doesn’t carry easily.

  To some people who  want a portable power bank ,we suggest them choose li-polymer power bank,relatively, it is safer.

  Overall ,we  suggest people choose power banks from authorized brands such as Kiwibird power bank and QYG power bank and avoid fake products,  afterall ,money is second to safe.



Portable 5000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年11月19日(火)12時06分15秒 reverse.gdsz.cncnet.net

QP5000W is a new wireless charging power bank which is mainly designed for women or people who are on the travel,  QP5000W has become a fashionable hit for its stylish design and its charming  colors:including black, white, red, beige and blue. This QP5000W wireless  charging power bank has 5000mAh capacity and is an excellent charging partner  of mobilephones, tablets.This QP5000W wireless charging power bank is also a  hotsale product nowadays.

wireless charging power bank

This portable power bank QP5000W weights about 130g  with the size of 83x50X21mm, so it is very slight and compact, so people can  take this power bank in their pockets or bags easily. This power bank has two  built-in outputs: DOCK output and micro output, but it also supports lightning  output, so never to worry about that the compitability of QP5000W wireless  charging power bank, even you are outside, QP5000W portable power bank can  assure the use in daily life. From the pictures below people can find there are  four led power indicators in the QP5000W wireless charging power bank , every  indicator represents 25% of the remaining power, which is very convenient for  users to check the remaining power of their device.

QP5000W portable power bank has a big difference among other power banks, it has a wireless  charging mat, you know, this charging mat has two metal contacts, and this  wireless charging mat can charging two mobiles simultaneously, and it is safe  and no location when you use it .

Welcome to wholesale this wireless charging power  bank QP5000W at szfeifan.com online  store with with competitive price here.



Welcome to get the innovative 12000mAh mobile power bank

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年11月 6日(水)18時36分13秒

In order to bring better user-friendly experience to  consumers, now the mobile phone, tablet and other digital devices are equipped  with more and more powerful hardware configurations, but there is no much  progress in standby time. therefore it influences consumers in daily use to some  extent, so many people have to choose mobile power supply. Today we bring you a  new power bank which capacity comes to 12000mAh – Kiwibird KP12000 mobile power bank. This product not only has larger capacity with three-layer color shell but  also can be used in harsh environment, it is very suitable for those who often  go outside for traveling or work to buy. So people who have a high demand for  power bank can take a look at it.

mobile power bank

Kiwibird KP12000 mobile power bank is simple and elegant,  with the logo of Kiwibird in the right of the bottom  the size of KP12000 is 13.4X67X99mm, weight 270g,  with smooth surface, KP12000 doesn’t cuase  scratch, knock,drop easily. The edges and corners of KP12000 power bank are rounded, Don’t worry about KP12000 is easy to scratch when  taking it in your hand. The side is with an oblong power key while four LED power  indicator in the back side, every indicator presents 25% the the remaining  power of KP12000 mobile power bank , users can easily arrange their charging  plan according to the indicator.

  power bank

  KP12000 mobile power bank is marked 12000mAh capacity  with li-polymer cells, which power is sufficient for a mobile device, and this  new power bank can brings more standby time for users, equipped with two  standard USB outputs, supporting for charging output 5V/2.4A, and is compatible  with the smart mobile phones, tablet and other digital devices in the market,  dual USB outputs can charge two mobiles simultaneously, which saves a lot of  charging time for users.For outdoor activities of users, this KP12000 power bank brings more convenience.



Cheap Fashionable 2800mAh Portable Power Bank

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年10月31日(木)18時54分9秒 reverse.gdsz.cncnet.net

As society develops, more and more slim power banks are popular with people, because it is easy to carry when they are outside, of course, it is convenient for people to charge their mobilephones, let's review this portable power bank first.

Specifications of PP2800 portable power bank:

Model: PP2800

battery type: Li-polymer battery

battery capacity:3.7V/2800mAh

Micro input

Standard output

Input: DC 5V/1A

Output: DC 5V/1A

Size: 105X36x8

Charging temperature: 0-40 degrees

Discharging temperature:
-10-60 degrees

portable power bank

PP2800 is a new power bank with 2800mAh capacity, and the design is based on chewing gum and its thiness can reach up to 8mm. PP2800 portable power bank is   designed for most digital devices such as mobile phones,high rate   li-polymer cell make the power efficience up to above 90% percent.with   the same power, PP2800 portable power bank give your mobilephones a longer standby time. and this new PP2800 power   bank processes seven protections: over charging protection, discharging   protection, overcurrent protection,overvoltage protection,temperature   control protection. which is a necessity during your journey.



The Release of 8000mAh KiwiBird Power Bank KP8000P with LED

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年10月28日(月)17時51分56秒

Power banks give you the power to surf the internet, watch streaming videos, make calls and much more activities by your phone or tablet. However, when you do so many things with your mobiles , the real obstacle that you will face will be battery capacity. When you watch video online or playing games with your mobiles, you will find that your battery will run out approximately within 3-4 hours or even less. Imagine that you use your mobilephone or tablet to during a long trip, you need a large-juice power bank to charge your mobiles. Today I will introduce one new-released Kiwibird power bank KP8000P which has the features of 8000mAh capacity, two USB outputs, LED display, etc.

The KiwiBird Powerbank KP8000P is designed with stylish design and it is suitable for the young people. A powerbank, expecially Kiwibird Powerbank can recharge your mobiles and extend the gadget activity for several hours, depending on how much capacity of the powerbank you have. The Kiwibird Powerbank uses Lithion Ion cells which has high quality and non-recycled life which means you don’t need to replace the battery after a certain using period.

kiwibird power bank

To our surprise, the Kiwibird portable Powerbank KP8000P is equipped with multi intelligent protections such as circuit protection, overcharged protection, short circuit protection, automatic shutdown, and cell pack isolation. With such protections, the Kiwibird Power bank KP8000P is safe for air flight. For the connectivity, the KP8000P Power bank comes with two standard USB outputs with one LED power display , which precisely show users power level anytime . two outputs comes with DC 5V/1A &DC 5V/2.1A outputs.With the same shells, The Kiwibird power bank has two models:the 8000mAh, 10400mAh(Kiwibird power bank KP10400), Choose the highest capacity of power bank if you have more gadgets charge. But it is reported that the price of KP8000P is much reasonable than KP10400, With the outputs of DC 5V/2.1A, you can charge your tablet or charge your mobiles as a fast-charging charger.

Welcome to wholesale this Kiwibird power bank KP8000P at szfeifan.com online store with competitive prices here.



Two Outputs 7800mAh Portable Power Bank KP7800 Review

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年10月28日(月)11時35分35秒

For mobile power bank  users, an excellent power bank not only includes enough electricity but also let  people know the remaining power easily to arrange the charging plan, Kiwibird  mobile power bank KP7800 with nominal capacity of 7800mAh, Which capacity is  enough for a mobilephone to use,, and this 7800mAh portable  power bank is compatible with most mobile phones, tablets and other digital  devices, which is also equipped four LED indicators to show people the power  level anytime.

power bank 7800mAh

Kiwibird KP7800 portable power bank comes with 7800mAh  capacity, which capacity can satisfy the majority of users of electricity  demand when they are outside, at the same time, the equipped two standard USB  outputs allow to charge two mobiles simultaneously,the output of lightning is  mainly designed for iPhone 5,the users don’t need to pay for it, and the also  saves users a lot of charging time.The side of this 7800mAh portable power bnak  KP7800 is equipped with 4 LED indicators,which shows people the power level  from 25%, 50%,75%,100%.

portable power bank

7800mAh portable power bank
Based on the fashionable  appearance, surface smooth, it is very comfortable when this power bank KP7800  is in the hand, the capacity of 7800mAh is sufficient for most users of  mobiles, two standard USB outputs allow two mobiles charged and saves a lot of  time, so it is very convenient and enjoyable for users to choose this KP7800  mobile power bank for the USB-powered device as an efficient charging  assistant.Welcome to wholesale more power banks like this KP7800 with competitive price.




Kiwibird Annouces The Release of iPhone 5C Battery Case

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年10月24日(木)15時17分23秒 reverse.gdsz.cncnet.net

As the release of the iPhone 5C/S in the  global market, many users are eager for a device to protect their iPhone 5C/S  from knock, drop, stratches or dirty, where do people , in order to meet the  market , now Kiwibird , one professional mobile phone accessories manufacturer  and wholesaler in China, now release a new innovative battery case for  iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, let’s review this Iphone 5C battery case first.

This is a new battery case for iPhone 5C  ,but this iPhone 5C battery case is also compitable with iPhone 5S. This iPhone  5C battery case comes with 2000mAh capacity, so it can extend your battery’s  lifetime effectively. At the same time, the output of DC 5V/1A makes your  iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S safe, you know , the output of lightning is mainly  designed for iPhone 5, with this new battery case for iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S,  we assure that your iPhone will run in a safe and stable state.

Specifications  of this KB2000-I5CS battery case for iPhone5C or 5S

Battery capacity:3.7V/2000mAh

Battery type:li-polymer battery

LED power display

Input: DC 5V/1A max

Output:DC 5V/1A

Input interface:Micro USB

Output interface:lightning

Specially designed for iPhone5C, compitable  with iPhone5/5S


TPU shell+UV facing

Micro input

Lightning output

Welcome to whosale this fashionable 2000mAh  iPhone 5C battery case from szfeifan.com online store, a company which is  dedicated to designing, developing, producing the innovative power banks ,power case ,wireless charging  product since it is built in 2001, Welcome to wholesale this iPhone 5S, iPhone  5C battery case with competitive case here.



Re: cheap android 4.0 tablet in 2013 in China

 投稿者:えみり  投稿日:2013年 9月24日(火)13時48分52秒 softbank126015246166.bbtec.net
  > No.4[元記事へ]

> Windows system running on the cheap android 4.0 tablet in 2013 is the dream of many windows rt attention is also a clear reflection
> of the problem. Bochs use of in the original Road N90 dual engine 2 successful operation of the windows.
> Bochs is an x86 hardware platform, open-source simulator. It can simulate a variety of hardware configurations. The Bochs analog
> entire PC platforms, including I / O devices, memory and BIOS. More interesting is that even can not use the PC hardware to run
> Bochs. In fact, it can compile and run Bochs platform to simulate the x86 hardware. This software also launched the Android
> version, the dual engine running windows on N90 cheap android 4.0 tablet in 2013 is used in the software.

Here need to prepare:
> 1. Simulator main program
> 2. Profile
> 3. Disk mirroring
> The simulator main program is a apk file, install the N90 dual engine like. Configuration file analog X86 hardware virtual hardware
> configuration, as well as disk mirroring point.
> The simulator main program and configuration files are all located in the annex andowsemulator SDL folder compression packages
> copied to a directory N90 dual engine 2, and the BOCHS.apk is properly installed.

> The programming based study, where we can see the default img image file stored location is a SDl under the andows.img of this
> time, you can download a good copy of the image file to this directory, and then in the N90 dual engine the 2 on to run BOCHS
> software can. Boot takes about 35 seconds to go to the desktop, in the author's actual testing within the acceptable range.
> First Click BOCHS after flash across the boot interface the win98 startup screen, and then you can see cheap android 4.0 tablet in
> 2013.

> Open img files after the software can also be engaged in the drag-and-drop method directly as internal add files, it can be said
> quite convenient. Reopen the saved copy to the original directory will be able to see the files, the addition for the N90 dual
> engine memory-mapped drive letter win98 Unfortunately I Caishuxueqian, and this cheap android 4.0 tablet in 2013really can not
> afford to complete. Buy more Hot Tablet PC at Coolseason E-shop.




KiwiBird Two-outputs 5000mAh Portable Power Bank Test

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2013年 9月22日(日)14時42分16秒

One of the great things about the KiwiBird QP5000W is that it is easy   to go portable. What is even better is that because the QP5000W portable power bank can accept 5V it will work with lots of power accessories designed for mobile phones and most other digital devices.

This QP5000W comes wth 5000mAh li-ion battery . Today I test QYG   QP5000W 5000mAh portable power bank to figure out how long it could   power a phone running my standard battery test.

      5000mAh portable power bank


    The package of QP5000W includes the following accessories:

<ul type="disc">
  <li>QP5000W power bank</li>
  <li>Micro cable</li>
  <li>Wireless charging mat (Wimat 1) </li>
  <li> </li>
  <li>This QP5000W mobile power bank has also following features:</li>
<ul type="disc">
  <li>5000AmAh capacity</li>
  <li>LED power indicator</li>
  <li>Wireless charging</li>
  <li>Built-in fold out DOCK plug</li>
  <li>Charging two devices simultaneously</li>
  <li> </li>
  <li>As with most Power Banks its comes half charged. This might seem   strange but Li-on battery performance is maximised if they are stored   at 40-50% capacity. I plugged it into iPhone 4 and check out What   QP5000W can serve iphone 4.</li>
  <li>Standby time 780h</li>
  <li>Talking time: 18h (3G)/36h( 2G)</li>
  <li>Internet time:15h 3G/ 26h(WLAN)</li>
  <li>Audio time: 100h</li>
  <li>Video time :26h</li>

This creative mobile power bank QP5000 can charge two devices   simultaneously, with its wireless charger,people can get such high   efficience up to 99.9% without radiation, and never to worry about that   if they forget to bring the charging cable,importantly, the LED   indicator if this backup power case QP5000W can let you now the power   level at anytime anywhere. And you won’t bother that you mobile phone   will lack of power in some important occasions suddently such as a   business dating or a remote journey, and this mobile power bank assure   your life convenient and enjoyable.

Szfeifan is a high-tech company which is specialized in producing ,developing mobile power banks,   power case, wireless charging product for the worldwide people,depend on 12-year powerful manufacture and develop experience, szfeifan has   enjoyed a good reputation not in the domostic market but also overseas market.